April 10, 2019

As reigning World Series champions, the Red Sox had the enviable task of unveiling banners and handing out championship rings at their recent home opener:

Boston Red Sox 2018 World Series rings

The pre-game ceremony (see video below) has become an all-too familiar scene in Boston. The Red Sox have done this three other times since 2004, and next up for championship rings will be the New England Patriots, sometime in June.

Just as the last three Red Sox World Series rings were designed and crafted in solid white gold by Jostens, so was the team’s latest championship rings.

The Red Sox 2018 championship ring is very nice, but in an usual trend for repeat winners, they’re not over-the-top or blinged out out. The 15-carat championship rings feature 185 total precious stones: 162 represent the games played in the regular season, 14 celebrate the number of postseason games the team played, and the final nine represent the Sox’s number of World Series championships.

The 2019 team mantra, “Do Damage”, is referenced on the inside of the championship ring with the new phrase “Damage Done.”

But the day wasn’t just about the Red Sox and their latest championship. The Patriots were invited to the celebration and several Patriots players, including Julian Edelman, Stephon Gilmore, Patrick Chung and now retired tight end Rob Gronkowski, joined the Red Sox on the field to celebrate. The football players even got first pitch honors. I’m wondering though, where was Tom Brady?

Here’s video from the Red Sox championship ring ceremony:

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