March 25, 2019

This impressive photo of Mack Brown’s championship rings recently made the rounds on Twitter:

Mack Brown - championship rings

I believe these championship rings (and watches) are on display at his collage office – no doubt helping him recruit players for his football team.

According to Wikipedia:

“William Mack Brown is an American college football coach. He is currently in his second stint as the head football coach at the University of North Carolina, where he coached from 1988 until departing in 1997 to become coach at the University of Texas. He was recently a college football commentator for ESPN.”

It looks like many of the championship rings shown above were awarded to him when he was with the University of Texas Longhorns.

As most championship ring enthusiasts know, today’s collegiate championship rings, because of NCAA rules, are made with non-gold materials, and imitation diamonds.

However, it does not stop these great-looking championship rings from being quite special or impressive.

Congratulations to Coach Mack Brown on all the success he has had.

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