March 11, 2019

This Stunning Authentic Super Bowl ring can be yours, today:

Raiders Super Bowl ring on ebay

Please note I am not affiliated with this championship ring or the seller, I’m just here to blog about the world of championship rings.

The Raiders have won three Super Bowl rings in their history (and some AFC championship rings too).

And the one being offered on ebay, is the most coveted of the Raiders Super Bowl rings – since it was the first football championship ring to use multiple diamonds in the shape of footballs to show-off how many championships the team has won.

Other than the Raiders and Patriots, no other teams have been as consistent at designing their championship rings with the same basic design over-and-over again.

In the Raiders, case, that means a black onyx stone to match the teams colors, and large diamonds and white gold to match their “silver” team colors.

In fact, back when the whole world was making championship rings in yellow gold (see championship rings from the 1960′s – 1990s), the Raiders, always issued their championship rings and super bowl rings in black and white gold.

The Super Bowl ring on eBay belonged to a famous broadcaster, and is 100% authentic. Furthermore, the seller Ymar added this interesting note about the original recipient of this championship ring”

“Bill King is the Only person on this planet to have ever been awarded a Super Bowl Ring (1976, 1980, 1983 Raiders), a World Series Championship Ring (1989 A’s) and an NBA World Championship Ring (1975 Golden State). The only ring that Mr. King was not awarded during his long broadcasting career is a Stanley Cup Ring mainly because there has never been a NHL Hockey team in the Bay area. Add to the mix that Mr. King as of 2016 is actually in the Baseball Hall of Fame no one else can claim such credentials on their resume’ ”

The Raiders ring is made of 14 solid white gold and real diamonds, and has the proper Lenox stamp inside the ring (yes, Lenox made the Raider super bowl rings, not Jostens).

The offered Super Bowl ring is the exact same size and version as the players received.

What I also like about this championship ring offering is it comes with the original (and rare) championship ring box.

Many championship rings from this era came with low-quality presentation boxes, and as the years went on, were discarded. Today’s championship rings come with large, display boxes that unusually remain with the championship rings because they are so impressive.

The Raiders were ahead of their time, their Super Bowl ring boxes came with a personalized metal engraving on the outside (you can see the box at the ebay auction). Yet somehow, most of the Raider Super Bowl rings, seldom come with the box. In this case, this championship ring does have the original box so it’s a nice and rare bonus, and adds a lot of value to this offering.

The Raider ring has an “asking price” of $32,983.83 (83 being the year the team won this Super Bowl), however, the seller is accepting “offers”.

Also, and this is important, the seller is well-known in the championship ring community and has a solid reputation.

Please remember I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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