February 13, 2019

If you’re not using the search archives tool at this blog, you’re missing out on a very powerful tool:

research championship rings

Recently a very big championship ring collector contacted me. He had some questions on a championship ring he was contemplating purchasing.

Being an astute collector, he was rightfully concerned that the championship ring he was offered was “player size” and contained the exact configurations that the players and coaching staff received.

Like me, he knew that the key to determining if a championship ring was player sized was having two important pieces of information: The gram weight of the issued championship rings and great photos of player sized rings from that particular year and team.

Other important things to know are details about the inside engraving, and the type of gold used in crafting that particular championship ring (ie. did the manufacturer use 10K solid gold, 14K gold, or something else?)

I referred my friend to my blog, and the search blog archives located to the right of the photo above.

This blog has published hundreds of articles throughout the years on all kinds of matters pertaining to championship rings. Knowing how to best utilize the search tool can help you quickly locate articles and information on a host of topics pertaining to championship rings.

Here’s an example: Want to know about all the Raiders Super Bowl XVIII rings that have been covered here? Type in “Raiders XVIII” and hit enter. You can find plenty of articles about Raiders rings this way. Unfortunately, some articles may pop up because of one small reference to the Raiders and XVIII and this will trigger a positive search result for a blog entry that really may not contain much information about your desired search.

Suppose you were offered Raider’s player Lester Hayes ring? Type in “Raiders XVIII Hayes”; hit enter, and you will find two blog entries about Lester Hayes’ Super Bowl XVIII ring.

The search tool will seldom yield your desired results the first time you attempt to use it (unless you don’t mind combing through some blog entries that may not be exactly relevant to what you’re looking for). You’ll need to attempt various words and phrases, but trust me, the tools are here to make research, information-gathering, and photo studies possible.

Happy hunting!

Please remember as always, I purchase championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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