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Cool Yankee World Series Ring For Sale on eBay

February 27, 2019

This well known Yankee player’s World Series Ring can be yours, but is this a good deal?

Hector Lopez World Series Ring

I am not affiliated with this championship ring, or the owner, or the third party company selling this ring. I’m just here to blog about the world of championship rings.

Here’s an interesting Yankee World Series Ring that caught my eye on eBay. It looks authentic and it’s claimed that it was presented to Hector Lopez.

Lopez was a two time World Series champion as a player with the Yankees in 1961 and 1962. He played five seasons with the A’s before being traded to the Yankees in 1959. He played eight seasons with the Yankees and retired after the 1966 season.

After retirement, Lopez stayed in New York and worked for the Yankees organization in various capacities.

The 1996 World Series ring shown above, was most probably earned as a coach, or assistant coach, or front office employee.

Like many of the 1996 Yankee World Series rings offered for sale, it’s almost identical to the player version. It’s the same size and everything about it is the same as the player’s version, except the players ring contains a large center diamond on the top of the World Series ring.

My main concern about the offered World Series ring is that there is no mention of any paperwork that comes with this World Series ring. What happens if Lopez, or his family, claims the ring is stolen and has a police report? If you are a reader of this blog than you know if you try to sell it, the championship ring can be seized.

Also, it appears this championships ring may have been the one that sold three days ago in a Leland’s auction for $10,359.60. Perhaps it’s the same ring, or perhaps Lopez had two 1996 World Series rings. How would the winning bidder in an auction that ended three days ago have time to acquire the championship ring and give it to another auction company (Probstein123) to sell on eBay?

If you are not familiar with Probstein123, they are a huge company that consigns items and sells them on eBay. They are truly gigantic – having amassed over half a million feedbacks and transactions on eBay!

The asking price for this World Series ring on eBay is $16,000.00 with no counter offers being accepted. If the market place refused to spend more than $10,359.60 for this World Series ring in an auction that ended a few days ago, why would the consigner believe they could now sell the ring for more than 50% more? And with no counter offer option available.

Championship ring collecting is a strange world – I never forget this.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Twitter, Robert Kraft, Patriots, and Super Bowl Rings

February 25, 2019

Searching Twitter for Super Bowl ring content this morning, shows it’s going to be a brutal few months for Robert Kraft and the Patriots:

Robert Kraft super bowl rings

Believe me, I’m no fan of the Patriots; as my NFL team competes in the same division with them.

Although I do root against them each and every week, I do admire their amazing Super Bowl rings and those rings, like any issued by the NFL, are a part of my championship ring collection.

I don’t think this championship ring blog is a good place to poke fun about this matter (and honestly, the sex trafficking is a tragic situation and there’s nothing funny about it).

It looks like people on Twitter have a lot to say on this subject and their humor, and crapping all over Kraft and this story is abundant on that site (and many others).

So to keep it light, I did come across this really cool offering (shown above). If you are a championship ring enthusiast and/or a Patriots fan, here’s an item available for sale to show the world how you feel about Tom Brady.

I am not affiliated with the seller or these shirts.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings (and an occasional tee shirt about championship rings). If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Ring For Sale on eBay

February 20, 2019

This stunning authentic Patriots Super Bowl ring can be yours today:

authentic Patriots super bowl ring for sale

This gorgeous front-office Patriots Super Bowl is currently available on eBay. Please note I am not affiliated with this Super Bowl ring, or the seller. I’m just here to blog about the wonderful world of championship rings.

I already own a player’s ring from this team, so with no “skin-in-the-game”, I believe I’m objective enough to give my opinion on this championship ring.

There’s good and bad – so here’s what I like and don’t like about this offering:

The Good:

  • The 2014 Super Bowl ring is stunning, huge, and appears to be player size
  • This championship ring was made by Jostens and it’s 100% authentic
  • The ring comes with the wood presentation box
  • If you want to impress your friends, family & strangers, this ring is for you!

    The Bad:

  • The seller does not exactly come out and say it’s a non gold ring, but it is.
  • Because it’s not made of solid gold like the players version, the ring on ebay is about 10 grams lighter than the player’s ring
  • The seller should have mentioned the ring contains “imitation diamonds” (which are worthless but look good). He used the word faux in it’s place.

    The not-exactly-good or not-good:

  • The asking price for this non-gold, non diamond ring is very high. This ring is worth less than the asking price.
  • The seller is accepting lower offers, so it’s not known what his real asking price is.

    The seller did mention that there’s some real-gold “HAS 10K YELLOW GOLD ACCENTS ON THE RING” but while he went out of his way to describe this feature, no mention was made that “DCST” as shown in the above photo, means the ring is made out of worthless metal. And how much yellow gold can you find on this championship ring?

    Please remember as always, I buy championship rings (just not front office rings that differ from what the player’s received). If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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  • Stanley Cup Championship Rings Gifted to Season Ticket Holders

    February 18, 2019

    This could be the first time a professional sports team sent season ticket holders a surprise replica championship ring:


    Washington Capitals season ticket holders recently received more than their season ticket renewal information in the mail. They also received a replica championship ring (as seen above).

    It’s not unusual for professional teams to send thank-you gifts to season ticket holders. However, this is the first time, I’ve heard of a team sending a replica championship ring.

    The replica championship ring is obviously not made of solid gold and real diamonds. It appears to be similar in quality to the promotional ones given away to fans at specific games.

    Along with the championship rings, and information on how to renew their ticket subscription, the season ticket renewal mailings also contained a note thanking the fans for their “unwavering support.”

    This was a great idea by the team and a very nice gesture.

    Please remember as always, I buy championship rings (just not promotional rings, or salesman samples). If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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    The Search Functions at this Championship Ring Blog Are a Huge Help

    February 13, 2019

    If you’re not using the search archives tool at this blog, you’re missing out on a very powerful tool:

    research championship rings

    Recently a very big championship ring collector contacted me. He had some questions on a championship ring he was contemplating purchasing.

    Being an astute collector, he was rightfully concerned that the championship ring he was offered was “player size” and contained the exact configurations that the players and coaching staff received.

    Like me, he knew that the key to determining if a championship ring was player sized was having two important pieces of information: The gram weight of the issued championship rings and great photos of player sized rings from that particular year and team.

    Other important things to know are details about the inside engraving, and the type of gold used in crafting that particular championship ring (ie. did the manufacturer use 10K solid gold, 14K gold, or something else?)

    I referred my friend to my blog, and the search blog archives located to the right of the photo above.

    This blog has published hundreds of articles throughout the years on all kinds of matters pertaining to championship rings. Knowing how to best utilize the search tool can help you quickly locate articles and information on a host of topics pertaining to championship rings.

    Here’s an example: Want to know about all the Raiders Super Bowl XVIII rings that have been covered here? Type in “Raiders XVIII” and hit enter. You can find plenty of articles about Raiders rings this way. Unfortunately, some articles may pop up because of one small reference to the Raiders and XVIII and this will trigger a positive search result for a blog entry that really may not contain much information about your desired search.

    Suppose you were offered Raider’s player Lester Hayes ring? Type in “Raiders XVIII Hayes”; hit enter, and you will find two blog entries about Lester Hayes’ Super Bowl XVIII ring.

    The search tool will seldom yield your desired results the first time you attempt to use it (unless you don’t mind combing through some blog entries that may not be exactly relevant to what you’re looking for). You’ll need to attempt various words and phrases, but trust me, the tools are here to make research, information-gathering, and photo studies possible.

    Happy hunting!

    Please remember as always, I purchase championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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