January 30, 2019

If the Rams don’t win on Sunday, the Patriots will tie the Steelers for the team with the most winning Super Bowl rings. Here’s the Patriots current stash:

every Patriots Super Bowl ring

It seems that just about everyone who’s not a Patriots fan is rooting for the Rams. Fans of other NFL teams are tired of the Patriots yearly appearance at the Super Bowl.

While many fans of other teams hate the Patriots, championship ring enthusiasts love the team’s winning and losing Super Bowl rings; even if the Patriots are not their favorite team.

No NFL franchise has been more standard in their winning Super Bowl ring designs (most teams over time change up the designs when they win another Super Bowl ring).

As you can see, each new Patriots Super Bowl ring gets larger and contains more diamonds. With their latest winning Super Bowl ring from two seasons ago, the Patriots had to downgrade from 14K solid white gold to 10K gold. The reason for this is that their championship rings were getting too heavy (14K weighs approximately 10% more than 10K), and too costly.

The Super Bowl rings shown above easily reveal which Super Bowls they are from; just count the football-shaped large diamonds seen in the Lombardi Trophies. Each Patriots Super Bowl ring tally’s the total Super Bowl championships the team had won at the time of it’s design and creation.

Jostens has made every single Patriots Super Bowl ring and is practically an automatic selection for this year’s design and manufacturing, should the Patriots win again.

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