January 25, 2019

You can always tell when it’s time for the Super Bowl, as Ebay will have championship rings for sale from the two contending teams:

Rams super bowl and championship rings

Back in 1979, the Rams lost to the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV. While the Steelers received a very impressive four-diamond Super Bowl ring from Jostens (the four diamonds representing their four Super Bowl wins), the Rams received a smaller, one diamond ring from Jostens that year too.

This Rams ring is called an “NFC Championship” ring. On ebay right now, with an asking price of $19,995.00, is the ring shown above from that Super Bowl.

The seller claims it is a prototype ring – meaning it was created and ultimately the team went with a different design and manufacturer.

The seller is stating this championship ring was made by Balfour, and is solid gold and contains real diamonds. You can view the manufacturer’s mark on ebay. I am not certain that this championship ring is 100% authentic, so don’t ask me.

It does seem to be very light in weight. The actual championship ring the team choose, weighed in at 38 grams. The one on ebay is 28 grams. Keep in mind no matter if the finger size is a 9, or a huge 14, the weights are almost always the same; so an approximately 25% lighter ring is very strange and back in the late 1970′s runner-up football rings were heavier than 28 grams.

The seller is accepting lower bids, and also keep in mind a real player Ram’s ring from this Super Bowl would sell in the $8,000 price range. A well known player or star player’s ring would go for more.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy. Please contact me.

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