January 22, 2019

The photo below shows the last two winning Super Bowl rings from this year’s participants in the big game. They offer an educated guess as to what the design of the next winning Super Bowl ring will look like:

Super Bowl LIII super bowl rings

Here’s what we know about the next wining Super Bowl ring if the Patriots win Super Bowl LIII:

  • The championship ring will be made of solid white gold, and contain six large football shaped diamonds
  • With each Patriots ring getting larger with every Super Bowl win, their championship ring will be made of 10k solid white gold (not 14K), due to it’s huge size
  • Jostens will be awarded the design and manufacturing project since every Patriots winning Super Bowl ring has been made by them
  • You can almost see the Pat’s winning ring above; no other team has been more focused and standardized in their Super Bowl ring design

Here’s what we know about the next winning Super Bowl ring if the Rams win Super Bowl LIII:

  • Look for the same design as their championship ring above, except there will be two Lombardi trophies, each with a football shaped diamond
  • Jostens could be awarded this project, they did the Ram’s last Super Bowl ring, but a lot of time has passed since 1999 so it’s a toss up
  • The Rams who will be wearing their throw back uniform in the big game, could pay homage to their more well-known colors, and go with a gold colored ring, instead of the new trend of white gold

We also know that the losing team, will be awarded an AFC or NFC championship ring. That ring will be smaller than the winning Super Bowl ring.

Enjoy the game, and please remember as always. I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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