January 19, 2019

Bryant tore his Achilles in his second practice with the Saints, and has never played in a game with them, but that’s good enough to be awarded a Super Bowl ring if the Saints win two more games.

Saints Super Bowl ring and Dez Bryant, here's the Saints 2009 Super Bowl ring

And if they win the NFC championship game on Sunday, he can do no worse than be awarded an NFC championship ring.

One more victory, and this would be his first NFL championship ring because it’s the first time Dez Bryant is on a team in the NFC Championship game.

As football fans know, Bryant spent the first eight seasons of his professional career with the Dallas Cowboys; and Dallas and Bryant have not gotten very far in the playoffs.

In 2018 the Cowboys released Bryant and he signed a contract with the Saints, who are now one win away from this year’s Super Bowl.

According to Bryant, he’s very excited about this situation and is rooting hard for the Saints; although he did admit on Twitter that because he has so many friends on the Cowboys, he was rooting hard for them when they were in this year’s playoffs.

Bryant wrote on his twitter account “I did absolutely nothing and I’m still going to get my ring..man I’m not hurt I’ve been over that..can you tell…I’m going to support Dallas because I love the guys in the locker room.. I’m going to support the saints because they gave me a chance and want me back on the team”.

Bryant, who’s now 30 years old, signed a one-year contract with the Saints and will be a free agent once the season is over. But New Orleans is reportedly open to the idea of bringing him back for another season, and hopefully getting to finally see him playing in games.

Until then, Bryant will watch the playoffs from home and root for the Saints to give him the Super Bowl ring that he was unable to acquire in Dallas.

Shown above is the Saints one and only Super Bowl ring (from the 2009 season). The Super Bowl XLIV ring was made by Tiffany and Company. If the Saints go on and win this year’s Super Bowl, perhaps their ring will look similar to this one, but will be larger and contain more bling.

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