January 14, 2019

Players’ Super Bowl rings continue to evolve and grow, and manufacturers are keeping up with the demand for larger championship rings:

Super Bowl ring manufacturers

A.K. Thomson, wrote a comprehensive story on championship rings that appeared on Ft.com (Financial Times).

The story, about how championship rings are evolving and how Jostens is keeping up with the changes, was fascinating and well researched.

The article touched on many subjects, such as why championship rings are changing, what goes into making them, the history of Super Bowl rings, and one of my favorite subjects: What Jostens and the NFL are doing to rid the market place of fake rings.

Although the Jostens rep was explaining that there is an effort to rid the hobby of fake championship ring, no mention was made about the dozens and dozens of fake championship rings found on eBay all the time.

Check out the story, here’s the link: https://www.ft.com/content/cd450ea0-ef4b-11e8-89c8-d36339d835c0

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