January 11, 2019

Last week this Patriots player’s 1996 AFC championship ring was in an eBay auction. The price was fair, the championship ring and presentation box are 100% authentic and there were no bids as the auction was winding down:

Patriots 1996 AFC championship ring

So what happened?

The seller is a friendly guy who answered my very important question: The player’s ring did not come with any paperwork from the original player, proving with certainty that he sold his championship ring.

The player was a good player for the Pats, and the AFC championship ring is in great shape. And that box is quite rare (having only been issued in 1996 to the Pats and to the Green Bay Packers (who won the Super Bowl that season).

While I already have a Patriots player’s ring from this year, I really wanted the presentation box to add to my collection.

However without ironclad proof of the player selling the championship ring, I couldn’t (or should I say wouldn’t) pull the trigger and make the sale.

The seller told me that if the championship ring was not sold (and it appears the championship ring has been relisted again so it did not sell), that he would place it in a major auction house.

I let him know that doing that was risky. Although he purchased the championship ring from a major sports memorabilia reseller (without paperwork from the original seller), once the championship ring was put into a major auction, the auction house would release the player’s name.

And sometimes when that occurs, the player will produce paperwork such a police report that the championship ring was lost or stolen. Even if it truly wasn’t lost or stolen, once that paperwork is presented to the auction house, the championship ring almost always is returned to the person who filed the paperwork.

I can’t be any clearer: It’s usually not returned to the consigner, it’s returned to the person who filed the police report.

So as I stated so many times before, be careful out there, and make sure when buying a championship ring you receive ironclad proof of proper title. Oh and one last important tip: Ask for the proof of title before you purchase the ring. That way you can make sure it is to your satisfaction and maybe you just want to have the paperwork verified.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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