December 28, 2018

This Georgetown College Final-Four championship ring was found five months ago by Robert Eads as he picked up trash in Lexington Kentucky:

Georgetown final four championship ring

Eads, who works out of the city’s Panhandling van, found the large championship football ring on a sidewalk in August. Who could blame Eads, who is homeless, if he kept the championship ring and tried to sell it.

However, Eads spent three months trying to return the championship ring to it’s rightful owner. To find the ring’s owner, Eads called the Georgetown athletics department and searched the Internet without success.

Finally, Eads got Panhandling van supervisor Jarrod Jones involved. Jones is a former Lexington police officer, who was able to track down the father of the championship ring’s owner.

The father, Don Schmitz, said that his son lives in Denver. Don’s son, got his championship ring back when he came home for Christmas.

Schmitz said, “It was a Christmas gift to all of us.”

What a great story! Congratulations to the Schmitz family, and to Robert Eads who did the right thing!

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