December 21, 2018

While the championship ring shown below, will never replace the huge blinged out rings athletes and collectors crave, perhaps there’s room for something small, comfortable, and much less ostentatious than a huge championship ring:

Alabama Crimson Tide College Football championship ring band

Visiting twitter recently, I came across this football championship ring, made for Alabama Crimson Tide college football fans.

It lists all 17 of the University’s football championships, and this sharp-looking, non-gold, no-diamond, championship ring would be perfect for the fan (or Crimson collector) who feels that they can pay homage to their team, while not wearing some huge, attention-gathering symbol of decadence.

I’m not suggesting that the style shown above should replace what we have come to expect from new championship rings. I realize that no staff member or player will want to replace a huge, blinged championship ring with the style we’re discussing. However under the right circumstances, it makes sense to offer this “personal”, small championship ring.

What are your thoughts on this? Please let me know.

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