December 17, 2018

Here’s a chance for a Green Bay Packers fan to acquire a “Super Bowl” ring at a fair price, and it comes with an awesome, gigantic wood presentation box:

Super Bowl rings on ebay

I am not affiliated with this championship ring, or the seller, I’m just here to blog about the world of championship rings.

The item shown above is currently available on eBay with an asking price of $13,000.00; and the seller is accepting lower offers.

It looks like this Super Bowl ring belonged to a member of the Packer’s Board of Directors, but keep in mind, it’s substantially smaller and less ostentatious than a player-sized Packer Super Bowl XXXI ring.

What I really like about this sale is that it comes with some paperwork and much more importantly, comes with the player-sized, Super Bowl ring presentation box.

The presentation box, as I have blogged about many times, was only issued for a single season (1996) to both the winning Super Bowl team and the losing Super Bowl team (Packers and Patriots). It is much larger than any other championship ring box, I’ve ever seen.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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