November 29, 2018

What a great “Feel-Good” story, and a class-act by the University:

Sister Jean, Loyola Championship ring

Earlier this week, the Loyola Ramblers college basketball team presented a Final Four Championship Ring to Sister Jean, who’s 99 years young.

Sister jean became the most well-known person associated with the team as she would lead them in prayer before games.

On Tuesday evening, the 99-year-old chaplain, who became a national sensation during last year’s NCAA Basketball tournament, received the large blinged championship ring to help celebrate the team’s improbable Final Four run.

Jean Dolores Schmidt proudly showed off the championship ring as she sat courtside in a wheelchair and a Loyola jacket, with fans chanting, “You deserve it.”

Like all college championship rings, the keepsake is made of non gold and man-made imitation diamonds.

In case you’d forgotten how big a deal she was a season ago, she gave numerous interviews and a bobblehead created in her honor, set sales records. At the Final Four, her news conference drew a standing-room-only crowd, as The Washington Post’s Chuck Culpepper wrote. “Looking in the media room, walking by, you would have thought she was one of us,” Loyola Chicago guard-forward Donte Ingram said. “I walked by, I thought it looked like Tom Brady at the Super Bowl,” Coach Porter Moser said.

She took the sudden fame in stride, calling the Final Four run “the most fun I’ve had in my life.” At a time when there’s so much to lament about college sports, she was a breath of fresh air.

Here’s the Video:

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