November 28, 2018

This recent photo on Twitter caught my eye and sent me on an internet adventure:

Player super bowl rings and afc/nfc championship rings

Was someone, (player, coach, or executive) actually awarded all these magnificent championship rings (three winning Super Bowl rings, and one AFC championship ring)?

The four championship rings are player-size, and not front-office versions that could be smaller and possibly contain less diamonds.

Remarkably they are from a 12 year span, so it could be a player who enjoyed a long career with the Patriots (but started with the Ravens).

From left to right here are the championship rings shown in the above photo:

  • 2011 Patriots AFC championship ring (the Pats lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl)
  • 2000 Ravens Super Bowl XXXV Ring
  • 2004 Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX Ring
  • 2003 Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII Ring (on the opposite hand)

    Incidentally, all of these championship rings were designed and crafted by Jostens.

    After a little research, it turns out that the championship rings are a compilation from two players. No one has been lucky enough to earn these four Super Bowl rings individually.

    The Ravens Super Bowl ring belongs to Chris Redman, a player for the team, who spent some time with the Patriots in later seasons.

    The other championship rings belong to player Deion Branch.

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