November 19, 2018

That’s was how the conversation started; and I said “Sure!” – until I saw the ring below:

fake 2000 Yankees world series replica ring

Recently I was contacted by someone who said they had purchased a Yankees 2000 World Series ring from a former employee of the team.

Knowing the Yankees 2000 World Series ring is unusually rare, I was very interested.

I asked if the championship ring came with the original box. I was told “no”.

Next, I asked if the World Series ring came with ironclad paperwork proving the original owner sold the championship ring (as I have stated dozens of times over the years on this blog, this is vital in purchasing championship rings). I was told, “no”, but the seller insisted he could get the original owner to issue paperwork.

Based on getting solid paperwork, I asked the seller to send me some photos of the championship ring with inside engravings as well.

Needless to say when the photos arrived (two of them displayed above), it was instantly clear that his was one of the lowest quality fake championship rings I have ever seen.

No inside photos were sent, because I’m positive there were no engravings. And in what universe would a Yankee employee receive a “Jeter” ring? Hey perhaps in a crazy coincidence, the Yankee employee shared the same last name with Derek Jeter!

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your authentic championship ring in private, please contact me.

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