November 3, 2018

Someone is selling fake Yankee World Series rings on Twitter and now you can be the proud owner of all 27 Yankee championship rings:

Every Yankee World Series Ring

I am not affiliated with the seller of these bogus Yankee World Series rings, and I have not seen them up close.

In fact, I’m not a big fan of replica championship rings and I continue to be shocked that the major championship ring manufacturers, the professional teams, and major league offices allow these items to be sold.

However, I am here to blog about the world of championship rings, so here I go:

From the photograph above that recently appeared on Twitter, the bogus Yankee World Series rings appear to look O.K. I have seen much worse quality knockoffs.

It’s neat that the 27 Yankee World Series ring set (one for each World Series championship the team has won), is represented here. Imagine if someone tried to include the Yankee A.L. championship rings too (given when the team has lost the world series). You would be looking at about forty championship rings in the set.

It’s also cool that the Yankee set includes a championship ring box with a glass top. It appears that the etched (or stickered) glass top will completely block a few championship rings from view when the top is closed, but oh well, things like that is what you can expect from cheap Chinese championship ring knockoffs.

Now for the bad:

  • The championship rings are not made to scale. The rings from the 20′s through the 60′s should be significantly smaller than the modern championship rings. Not so in this set.

  • The 1996 World Series ring, bottom row, second from left, is missing the center diamond. All player rings from this year contain a large center diamond on top of the ring.

  • The 1978 World Series ring, bottom row, 1st ring on left, looks to be shaped wrong. It should be longer and not square.

    If I can pick up these three major flaws from the photo shown, this indicates there are probably a lot more errors. It’s hard to find additional issues since the championship rings appear so small in the photo.

    Please remember as always, I buy championship rings (real ones not replicas or salesman samples). If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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