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Warriors Newest Championship Rings are Reversible

October 17, 2018

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in championship ring design – something totally new comes along: Reversible championship rings:

warriors 2017 championship rings

What’s a reversible championship ring? This ring top can be unscrewed and put back on with the reverse side showing. It’s a different ring top, with different colors! (see photos below)

warriors 2017 championship rings
warriors 2017 championship rings

According to who reported on the newest Warriors championship rings, and the evolution of championship rings over the last few decades:

The typical sports championship ring decades ago wasn’t that much different than a high school class ring. It made note of the year, used a precious stone as a centerpiece, skimped on the diamonds and that was about it. Pretty dull. The Warriors’ 1975 ring, for example, contained just one diamond and nothing on the face except “NBA World Champions.”

Such simplicity has gone the way of Chuck Taylor white high tops. Today, rings are true works of art, craftsmanship at its splashiest. They give the player name, number, year, team logo, an image of the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. And that’s just for starters. Then it gets funky. The Lakers’ 2009 ring had silhouettes of the player’s face engraved on the side, for example. It’s now in vogue to include a slogan or motto that was embraced by the team and community — “Strength In Numbers,” for example, a phrase favored by Kerr, found its way on the first ring of this Warriors’ title streak.

That’s a lot of letters and numerals and imagery for finger jewelry, but the Warriors and their design team made it work.

“If there’s an inside joke, we’ll throw that in there, too. You want everybody from that season to feel their ring is special,” said the owner of the team.

“These rings are a tangible way to bring up memories so they are never lost.”

As a result of the increased details, rings have mushroomed in size, to the point where they’re diamond-crusted walnuts. They make it difficult, if not impossible, to ball a fist while wearing it.

Here are some of the incredible features via the Warriors:

  • The 2018 Championship Ring was designed and manufactured by Jason of Beverly Hills.

  • The team side of the ring has 56 stones to represent the number of years the Warriors have been in the Bay
  • Twisting off the top of the ring reveals the slogan “Strength in Numbers”
  • The top of the ring is reversible, a first for a championship ring
  • The 74 sapphires and diamonds on each side signify the wins in the regular season and playoffs
  • The Warriors’ four 2018 postseason series records are featured on the sides of the ring

    And perhaps most notably:

  • The bristle texture featured on both sides of the ring represents the series sweep in the NBA Finals.

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  • Eagles Super Bowl Ring Contest Has a Deserving Winner

    October 15, 2018

    After almost six million entries in the Eagles’ raffle for the player sized Super Bowl ring, we have a winner:

    Eagles raffle super bowl ring winner

    The highly marketed campaign raised $567,866.89 for the Eagles Autism Challenge.

    Jim and Pattie Gillece won the contest and will get their authentic player sized, diamond-studded Super Bowl ring during the Eagles-Redskins game on December 3rd.

    Jeff Lurie, the owner of the Eagles personally called the Gillece family and said it meant a lot to him that they won because the Gillece family has two sons on the autism spectrum.

    The Eagles fundraising for Autism is important and near to Lurie’s heart, as his younger brother is autistic.

    The Jostens Super bowl ring the Gillece family won is the same version every player and staff member received. It features 219 diamonds and 17 green sapphires and is crafted in 10-karat solid white gold.

    The championship ring raffle ran from June 20 through Sept. 30.

    Here’s video of the special Super Bowl ring giveaway:

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    Yankees Season is Over, But Their Championship Rings Abound in the Marketplace

    October 12, 2018

    These two World Series rings are currently available for sale on eBay:

    Yankee world series rings for sale

    I am not affiliated with these two championship rings, and furthermore, I don’t know the sellers. I’m just here to blog about the world of championship rings.

    Both Yankee World Series rings are reasonably priced, however, the 1999 offering, is a better value.

    Here’s why:

    The 1999 World Series ring comes with the original presentation box, and is the exact same size and style the players received. And while the seller lists a buy-it-now price of a little more than $21,000, they are accepting “best offers”.

    The 1999 Yankee ring is stunning and is a much more stunning championship ring than the 1996 version.

    The 1996 World Series ring being offered by a different seller, has only a buy-it-now option; there’s no “best offer” option. The championship ring appears to be missing the original presentation box. The offered 1996 championship ring is very similar to the players version, however, it was made without a large diamond in the middle. Players received a version with a large diamond in the center of the ring (on top of the diamond “NY” logo), while many coaches and front office rings, including this one, lack that feature.

    In an unusual move, rarely seen on eBay, both of these championship rings show the original owner’s names. Both original recipients of these championship rings were former Yankee ball players and were retired when awarded these rings. It’s reasonable to assume both players were involved in the Yankee organization at the time of each World Series and each of them was gifted these championship rings.

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    Kiss The Super Bowl Rings

    October 10, 2018

    Paul Stanley, an original and active member of the rock band KISS, showing off the Patriots first three Super Bowl rings.

    Paul Stanley Kiss and championship rings

    I have a feeling this photograph, taken from Paul Stanley’s recent twitter post, is several years old. The Super Bowl rings shown in the photo are from (left to right) 2004, 2003, and 2001.

    As we all know, the Patriots went on to win two more winning Super Bowl rings and even a few AFC championship rings (when they lost in various Super Bowls).

    In the twitter post, Stanley mentions Willie McGinest, a key member of those three Patriot Super Bowl teams, so it’s safe to assume those gorgeous Super Bowl rings belong to him.

    I believe in all the years I’ve been blogging about the world of championship rings, this is the first time rock-n-roll and championship rings were combined into a blog.

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    Washington Capitals Show Off Their 2018 Stanley Cup Championship Rings

    October 2, 2018

    The gorgeous championship rings were handcrafted by Jostens:

    2018 Washington Capitals Stanley Cup ring

    Jostens, and the Capitals, unveiled the National Hockey League’s newest Stanley Cup championship ring. In a private ceremony, Washington Capitals players, coaches and staff were presented with their magnificent championship rings.

    “We have always had one single, unwavering goal for the Washington Capitals: to build a team as great as our fan base,” said Capitals owner Ted Leonsis. “These rings will now forever be a reminder for the players, coaches, and fans: we did it. We are thrilled today to be able to unveil this beautiful ring, which will always be a proud symbol of the Capitals’ incredible 2018 Stanley Cup run and the unbreakable bond they created among all Caps fans who shared in the joy of that moment together.”

    The Stanley cup rings celebrate the Capitals historic 2017-2018 season – their first Stanley Cup championship in team history.

    “We at Jostens were honored to partner with the Capitals to create their stunning inaugural championship ring,” said Chris Poitras, Vice President of Professional Sports. “This timeless ring is expertly crafted by the Jostens Design team which is lead by Master Jeweler Miran Armutlu and pays special tribute to the relationship between the Capitals and the great honor they feel representing our nation’s capital.”

    The championship ring is made of 14-karat white and yellow gold and contains tons of diamonds, genuine rubies, and a blue sapphire. The championship ring has a whopping 230 round diamonds, as well as 22 princess cut diamonds, for a carat weight of 5.5. Adding to the precious stone count are 28 custom taper-cut rubies and seven custom-cut star-shaped rubies, totaling 4.6 carats. A star-shaped sapphire weighing .10 carats brings the precious stone weight to an astonishing 10.2 carats.

    The championship ring top features the Capitals logo created from red and blue enamel and is surrounded by 27 diamonds, all of which is encircled by 28 custom taper-cut rubies. The three star-shaped rubies set above the logo are inspired by the Washington DC flag, where the stars represent Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. An additional 157 diamonds create a cascading waterfall effect down the sides of the ring top. Dual rows of channel-set princess-cut diamonds accent the top and bottom of the ring top, each row containing 11 diamonds, making for a total of 22. The words “STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS” are set in yellow gold and strikingly complete the ring top.

    The left side of the Stanley cup ring features the player’s name set above the Capitol building, which is created in stunning detail from 14-karat white gold. A custom-cut star shaped ruby and sapphire are set on either side of the Capitol building. The player’s numbers are set to the right with stones ranging from 7 to 18 diamonds. Check it out below:

    2018 Washington Capitals Stanley Cup ring

    The right side of the championship ring features the year – 2018, which is set with an additional 26 diamonds. Below that is the iconic Stanley Cup trophy created in white gold and set with 20 diamonds and one star-shaped ruby, which represents the team’s first Stanley Cup Championship. Two additional star-shaped rubies flank either side of the Stanley Cup and commemorate the Capitals’ two Eastern Conference Championships. The words “WASHINGTON DC” appear above it all, paying homage to the home base of the franchise and the extraordinary privilege of honoring the nation’s capital.

    The inside of the championship ring contains the Capitals’ logo surrounded by the logos and series scores from their journey to making history as Stanley Cup champions for the very first time.

    All Capitals fans (and championship ring collectors) can obtain their own Stanley Cup Championship ring history through a custom selection of personalized fine jewelry and championship collectibles in a variety of styles and price points. This collection is available for a limited time and can be ordered online at

    In what has become a common offering with many recent championship teams, the Capitals and Jostens are offering fans an opportunity to purchase a limited-edition Capitals Stanley Cup Championship Fan Ring. The limited-edition ’145′ ring is based on the Players’ Championship Ring and is centered around the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs four series game winners.

    And finally, one fan will have the opportunity to win an official Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Championship Ring, as well as two tickets in the owner’s box to a Capitals game. The ring, designed by Jostens in collaboration with the Capitals, is an exclusive player version that will be personalized with the winner’s name, and will be presented to the winner by Ted Leonsis. Proceeds benefit Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation, the official charity of the Washington Capitals. To participate, visit from Oct. 3 through Jan. 3.

    Please remember as always I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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