October 31, 2018

In celebration of Halloween, the amazing championship ring replica contains Justin Grimm’s name:

Cubs Halloweenjack o lantern

After the Cubs were awarded their 2016 championship rings, the World Series rings have become iconic and legendary in their city.

One Cubs fan, well aware of this fact, has made the first championship ring Jack-o-Lantern in recognition of the team and their glorious Jostens championship ring.

Diehard Cubs fan Robert Greenfield, showed the world his custom creation on the Internet this week. He hand carved an intricate reproduction of the Cub’s championship rings into a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern:

Cubs Halloweenjack o lantern

Cubs Halloweenjack o lantern

Greenfield wrote on social media: “If you want a @Cubs championship ring, sometimes you just have to carve one yourself. Happy Halloween!”

The details of the Cubs World Series ring are all there, and not missing a beat, Greenfield used former Cubs reliever Justin Grimm’s name on the side shank.

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