October 17, 2018

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in championship ring design – something totally new comes along: Reversible championship rings:

warriors 2017 championship rings

What’s a reversible championship ring? This ring top can be unscrewed and put back on with the reverse side showing. It’s a different ring top, with different colors! (see photos below)

warriors 2017 championship rings
warriors 2017 championship rings

According to NBA.com who reported on the newest Warriors championship rings, and the evolution of championship rings over the last few decades:

The typical sports championship ring decades ago wasn’t that much different than a high school class ring. It made note of the year, used a precious stone as a centerpiece, skimped on the diamonds and that was about it. Pretty dull. The Warriors’ 1975 ring, for example, contained just one diamond and nothing on the face except “NBA World Champions.”

Such simplicity has gone the way of Chuck Taylor white high tops. Today, rings are true works of art, craftsmanship at its splashiest. They give the player name, number, year, team logo, an image of the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. And that’s just for starters. Then it gets funky. The Lakers’ 2009 ring had silhouettes of the player’s face engraved on the side, for example. It’s now in vogue to include a slogan or motto that was embraced by the team and community — “Strength In Numbers,” for example, a phrase favored by Kerr, found its way on the first ring of this Warriors’ title streak.

That’s a lot of letters and numerals and imagery for finger jewelry, but the Warriors and their design team made it work.

“If there’s an inside joke, we’ll throw that in there, too. You want everybody from that season to feel their ring is special,” said the owner of the team.

“These rings are a tangible way to bring up memories so they are never lost.”

As a result of the increased details, rings have mushroomed in size, to the point where they’re diamond-crusted walnuts. They make it difficult, if not impossible, to ball a fist while wearing it.

Here are some of the incredible features via the Warriors:

  • The 2018 Championship Ring was designed and manufactured by Jason of Beverly Hills.

  • The team side of the ring has 56 stones to represent the number of years the Warriors have been in the Bay
  • Twisting off the top of the ring reveals the slogan “Strength in Numbers”
  • The top of the ring is reversible, a first for a championship ring
  • The 74 sapphires and diamonds on each side signify the wins in the regular season and playoffs
  • The Warriors’ four 2018 postseason series records are featured on the sides of the ring

    And perhaps most notably:

  • The bristle texture featured on both sides of the ring represents the series sweep in the NBA Finals.

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