October 10, 2018

Paul Stanley, an original and active member of the rock band KISS, showing off the Patriots first three Super Bowl rings.

Paul Stanley Kiss and championship rings

I have a feeling this photograph, taken from Paul Stanley’s recent twitter post, is several years old. The Super Bowl rings shown in the photo are from (left to right) 2004, 2003, and 2001.

As we all know, the Patriots went on to win two more winning Super Bowl rings and even a few AFC championship rings (when they lost in various Super Bowls).

In the twitter post, Stanley mentions Willie McGinest, a key member of those three Patriot Super Bowl teams, so it’s safe to assume those gorgeous Super Bowl rings belong to him.

I believe in all the years I’ve been blogging about the world of championship rings, this is the first time rock-n-roll and championship rings were combined into a blog.

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