September 26, 2018

Other than a great meal, I wasn’t expecting much when I walked into my local Chipotle; until I saw someone wearing this Yankee World Series Ring:

1999 Yankees World Series ring

As I was heading to a table with my food, I spotted a guy sitting with his wife and child, and noticed a enormous and stunning – player-size 1999 Yankee World Series ring.

That ring, almost as rare as the Yankees 2000 version, is much rarer than the 1996 and 1998 Yankees World Series rings. So yes, seeing it, stopped me in my tracks.

A better look at that championship ring confirmed it was not a cheap Chinese replica, or even a high-end knockoff. From about five feet away it looked authentic!

Although this usually drives my wife crazy, I had to strike up a conversation with this stranger and see if I could learn more about his gorgeous Yankee ring. If any of you have watched the History channel’s show Counting Cars, I can be a little bit like Danny (although I don’t look or dress like him!)

Turns out, like me, the owner of the Yankee ring is a championship ring collector and happens to live in my neighborhood! This is the first and only local championship ring collector I’ve met (unless I include the local Jostens sales rep who is a great guy and sold us my son’s high school ring).

We hit if off and so did our wives (both school teachers). So while the championship ring collector and I told “war-stores” about collecting rings, our wives traded stories about teaching.

No, I did not try to purchase his ’99 World Series ring, I already have a player’s ring, but I never tire of seeing this stunning Yankee ring. Many championship ring enthusiasts feel it’s the nicest looking Yankee World series ring that’s ever been made. I have to agree!

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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