September 24, 2018

The 2017 World Series ring the Astros earned, has been reproduced and given away at games by the team. Wait till you hear how many have been given away to date:

Houston Astros replica World Series Rings

Longtime Chronicle writer, David Barron, explained the replica championship ring giveaway this way: “In the eye of the beholder, this replica of the Astros’ World Series championship ring undergoes a remarkable, emotional form of alchemy — transformed from stadium giveaway to cherished treasure that fans will bequeath from generation to generation or, in some cases, take with them to the great beyond.”

The ring giveaway over the weekend was the sixth time this season that thousands of Astros fans lined up outside the ball park to receive the specially-marked replica championship ring.

With the first distribution of 10,000 replica championship rings in April and similar giveaways throughout the team’s minor league affiliates, the Astros, after this weekend’s giveaway, have distributed more than 250,000 replica World Series rings, a giveaway without precedent in Major League Baseball history.

Not all 250,000 World Series rings have been the exact same versions. The latest giveaway is a different-looking ring than the first batch given away in April.

There’s a marketing lesson to be learned in this story. By contrast, it doesn’t appear the Chicago Cubs, in 2017, gave away any replica rings. Instead they gave away replica trophies, banners, and snow globes. Replica Cubs World Series rings do exist, but apparently only as manufactured and marketed as high-end sports memorabilia, rather than offered as Wrigley Field game premiums.

Before a game in April 2015, the San Francisco Giants gave away 40,000 replica championship rings. The Boston Red Sox also gave a commemorative championship ring away to fans in 2014 to celebrate the 2013 team.

“In the process,” Barron writes, “just as the Astros’ front office and scouting staff have helped change the way teams evaluate players with their emphasis on analytics, teams are likely to take lessons from the Astros’ marketing staff on how to ride the wave of a genuine grass-roots phenomenon.”

Other professional teams are taking notice on which promotional items fans will go out of their way to purchase a game ticket for.

Astros fans lined up hours in advance of game time to claim the coveted replica World Series rings. It’s at that point that team officials realized they had hit a “promotional “home run” in terms of promotional opportunities, and a handful of giveaway dates were added.

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