September 14, 2018

Recently a family member visited a ball park – not located in New York. Look what they found on display in the stadium’s Museum:

Yankee world series rings on display at Rays ballpark, Tropicana field

The museum is named the “Ted Williams Museum” and it’s located inside Tropicana Field, home to the Tampa Rays.

According to the team’s website:

“The Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame brings a special element to the Tropicana Field. Fans can view an array of different artifacts and pictures of the “Greatest hitter that ever lived.” These memorable displays range from Ted Williams’ days in the military through his professional playing career.

This museum is dedicated to some of the greatest players to ever “lace ‘em up,” including Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Sadaharu Oh.

The Rays invite all fans to enjoy this unique experience in sharing a rare glimpse into these extraordinary players’ lives. The Museum is located just past the rotunda on the right hand side. Admission to the museum is free.”

Apparently, the museum is not only geared to honor the greatest players in baseball history, they are also honoring their Division Rival, the New York Yankees.

I realize that lots of residents in Tampa are originally from New York. And the Yankees were involved in Tampa baseball long before the Rays came into existence. The Yankees play their spring training games in Tampa, and also have corporate offices, play minor league baseball, and even own and operate a stadium named after George Steinbrenner in the city.

But to show your rival’s World Series rings, might be taking things too far.

I recall that when the Mets new stadium opened several years ago, Mets owner Fred Wilpon showed his fascination with the Brooklyn Dodgers by going way overboard in highlighting Brooklyn Dodger artifacts and reminders about that team all over the new stadium.

Fans resented that and let the Mets know this was unacceptable. This was the Mets ball park and deserved to be adorned with a Mets theme, not a Dodgers theme. Finally after a lot of complaints, the Mets complied and changed the feel of the stadium to a lot more Mets themed ballpark.

Perhaps the Rays should do the same.

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