September 12, 2018

Searching for the rare, good championship ring deal on eBay, I came across this great looking, and classic Cowboys ring:

Dallas Cowboys 1975 NFC Championship ring

Sadly, it’s not a great deal, and looking at the inside engraving, I’m not certain it’s authentic. Cowboy player rings from this year should have the jersey number featured below the helmet, yet a lot of the Staubach salesman sample rings have an image of the stadium. The image of the stadium was put on front office rings, where there was no uniform number associated with the recipient. Hummmm…..

The eBay offering is not made of solid gold, so at $3,000.00 one can argue it is not a priced-to-sell championship ring.

Moving on from the pricing concern, the championship ring photo reminded me how this Cowboy ring is such a great design, and very good looking ring.

Just like the Colts and their winning Super Bowl V ring, it’s a terrific design, where the team’s colors, and logo are prominently featured on the top of the ring, and a diamond (or diamonds) are used to add some needed bling.

The Cowboys had these 1975 NFC championship rings made in white gold (an unusual move back in the 1970s) which, when combined with the dark blue stone, was a very close match to the team’s colors on their jerseys.

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