September 5, 2018

Looks like the Eagles are giving a select few partners quite a piece of sports memorabilia. Check it out:

Eagles Framed Super Bowl ring display

Football players and Orthopedic Doctors unfortunately go together quite well. With constant injuries in the NFL, teams keep local orthopedic doctors quite busy.

Perhaps as a thank-you, look what the Eagles presented to their local Orthopedic specialists.

A few days ago, this blog featured a custom made display done by a Philly fan, which prominently featured an Eagles Super Bowl ring. To see that example, and read the story, click here:

The Eagles did a shadow box as well, but instead of showcasing one of their Super Bowl rings, the team created a shadow box with three replica Super Bowl rings, so they could display the two sides and top of their gorgeous championship ring.

Check out the Twitter caption below, that appeared with the photograph above. It sheds some light on the gift:

Eagles Framed Super Bowl ring display

If any championship ring enthusiasts, or fans of a specific team, are thinking of creating their own shadow box, perhaps acquiring three replica championship rings is the way to create the ultimate display piece.

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