September 4, 2018

If I had unlimited funds, this is the display piece I would have built for my championship ring collection:

NFL Super Bowl rings display unit

The photo above was taken at one of the NFL locations that display the NFL’s Super Bowl ring collection.

Yes the NFL has a few championship ring collections; filled with high quality samples (also known as salesman sample) Super Bowl rings.

And every single year, the NFL adds the newest Super Bowl ring to their collection.

There are at least four sets of Super Bowl rings: The hardest one to see in-person is at the NFL headquarters located in Manhattan. Good luck getting to inside their lobby to see it. It’s not for public display (although if you search this blog’s archives you will find photos and stores about it).

Not far from headquarters, another full set can be found at the NFL Experience, located in Times Square New York.

A third set travels with the Super Bowl, and is set up at the temporary NFL Experience found in the Super Bowl Host city shortly before the big game takes place each February.

The final set, is at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

What makes the photograph above so unusual is that the photographer is standing above the display piece. According to the Twitter caption, every Super Bowl ring is in the display.

The reason I like this display so much, and would love one of my own, is that the thick Plexiglass makes the Super Bowl rings completely safe from those that would want to pick up the rings (or worse), and it comes with a rotating system, so that all championship rings can be seen while standing in one location.

How great is that!

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. (And in this case, I’ll buy a rotating championship ring display unit too). If you would like to sell your championship rings in complete privacy, please contact me.

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