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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Auctioning His Memorabilia Including Championship Rings

September 28, 2018

Would you like to have one of the championship nets that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cut down while he was at UCLA? Maybe a game used Milwaukee Bucks jersey? Or how about a Los Angeles Lakers championship ring?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar championship rings

These items and a whole lot more will be put up for auction by Abdul-Jabbar. According to him, it’s not happening because he’s short on money, he simply just doesn’t have enough space for all of his memorabilia from his playing days.

“It’s not hard to sell this stuff,” Abdul-Jabbar told Darren Rovell of ESPN on Thursday. “I mean it’s valuable, but I’m not a museum. If I kept all this stuff, it would take up half my house.”

However to me, something just doesn’t seem right with Kareem’s claim – because championship rings just don’t take up much space.

Ken Goldin, whose Goldin Auctions is conducting the auction Oct. 1-27, said the value of the items is hard to estimate because they are so unique. Goldin expects the championship rings to sell for at least $250,000 each, and a jersey from his Bucks days is expected to top six figures.

Abdul-Jabbar says he will donate a portion of the proceeds to his Skyhook Foundation. His foundation helps underprivileged youths gain educational opportunities. Abdul-Jabbar’s work with the Skyhook Foundation has spread a very positive message that combines education and sport to serve kids in need.

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Fast Food and Championship Rings

September 26, 2018

Other than a great meal, I wasn’t expecting much when I walked into my local Chipotle; until I saw someone wearing this Yankee World Series Ring:

1999 Yankees World Series ring

As I was heading to a table with my food, I spotted a guy sitting with his wife and child, and noticed a enormous and stunning – player-size 1999 Yankee World Series ring.

That ring, almost as rare as the Yankees 2000 version, is much rarer than the 1996 and 1998 Yankees World Series rings. So yes, seeing it, stopped me in my tracks.

A better look at that championship ring confirmed it was not a cheap Chinese replica, or even a high-end knockoff. From about five feet away it looked authentic!

Although this usually drives my wife crazy, I had to strike up a conversation with this stranger and see if I could learn more about his gorgeous Yankee ring. If any of you have watched the History channel’s show Counting Cars, I can be a little bit like Danny (although I don’t look or dress like him!)

Turns out, like me, the owner of the Yankee ring is a championship ring collector and happens to live in my neighborhood! This is the first and only local championship ring collector I’ve met (unless I include the local Jostens sales rep who is a great guy and sold us my son’s high school ring).

We hit if off and so did our wives (both school teachers). So while the championship ring collector and I told “war-stores” about collecting rings, our wives traded stories about teaching.

No, I did not try to purchase his ’99 World Series ring, I already have a player’s ring, but I never tire of seeing this stunning Yankee ring. Many championship ring enthusiasts feel it’s the nicest looking Yankee World series ring that’s ever been made. I have to agree!

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Astros Replica World Series – A Lesson in MLB Marketing

September 24, 2018

The 2017 World Series ring the Astros earned, has been reproduced and given away at games by the team. Wait till you hear how many have been given away to date:

Houston Astros replica World Series Rings

Longtime Chronicle writer, David Barron, explained the replica championship ring giveaway this way: “In the eye of the beholder, this replica of the Astros’ World Series championship ring undergoes a remarkable, emotional form of alchemy — transformed from stadium giveaway to cherished treasure that fans will bequeath from generation to generation or, in some cases, take with them to the great beyond.”

The ring giveaway over the weekend was the sixth time this season that thousands of Astros fans lined up outside the ball park to receive the specially-marked replica championship ring.

With the first distribution of 10,000 replica championship rings in April and similar giveaways throughout the team’s minor league affiliates, the Astros, after this weekend’s giveaway, have distributed more than 250,000 replica World Series rings, a giveaway without precedent in Major League Baseball history.

Not all 250,000 World Series rings have been the exact same versions. The latest giveaway is a different-looking ring than the first batch given away in April.

There’s a marketing lesson to be learned in this story. By contrast, it doesn’t appear the Chicago Cubs, in 2017, gave away any replica rings. Instead they gave away replica trophies, banners, and snow globes. Replica Cubs World Series rings do exist, but apparently only as manufactured and marketed as high-end sports memorabilia, rather than offered as Wrigley Field game premiums.

Before a game in April 2015, the San Francisco Giants gave away 40,000 replica championship rings. The Boston Red Sox also gave a commemorative championship ring away to fans in 2014 to celebrate the 2013 team.

“In the process,” Barron writes, “just as the Astros’ front office and scouting staff have helped change the way teams evaluate players with their emphasis on analytics, teams are likely to take lessons from the Astros’ marketing staff on how to ride the wave of a genuine grass-roots phenomenon.”

Other professional teams are taking notice on which promotional items fans will go out of their way to purchase a game ticket for.

Astros fans lined up hours in advance of game time to claim the coveted replica World Series rings. It’s at that point that team officials realized they had hit a “promotional “home run” in terms of promotional opportunities, and a handful of giveaway dates were added.

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Get an Up-Close Look at the Eagles Super Bowl Ring Ceremony

September 20, 2018

Thanks to NFL Films, Eagles fans and championship ring enthusiasts, can relive the team’s award ceremony:

Eagles super bowl ring ceremony nfl films video

NFL Films produced a fantastic segment on the Eagles players and coaches, receiving their Super Bowl LII rings four months ago.

I don’t recall NFL films having ever produced a video of a championship ring ceremony before. As the NFL marketing machine adds more and more events and hype as the years go by, I’m sure professionally produced videos of Super Bowl ring ceremonies is the start of a new annual tradition.

No one does sports videos better than NFL Films: The emotion on Jason Peters’ and Fletcher Cox’s faces or the tears building up in Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson’s eyes shows just how much that Lombardi Trophy and these magnificent Super Bowl rings mean to that team and the entire city of Philadelphia.

Here’s the video:

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Fans Get to Line Up Before Home Games to try on Super Bowl Ring

September 17, 2018

A former Saints employee lets fans take pictures with his prized Super Bowl ring before each home game:

Barra Birrcher Saints Super Bowl ring

Barra Birrcher spent 36 years behind the scenes with the Saints. He retired in 2007, two years before the Saints won their first and only Super Bowl ring.

Birrcher was involved in everything for the Saints – from running the small marketing department (one guy and a secretary) to rounding up talent for halftime shows and hiring police escorts for the team.

Birrcher arrived in 1971, the same year as Archie Manning. The years that followed were often rough for a sports fan and front office staff for the team.

But when the team’s fortunes changed, owner Tom Benson made sure there were two seats at the Super Bowl for retiree Birrcher and his wife, Kay.

And when the Saints beat the Colts to win the Super Bowl, Benson made sure his loyal employee was rewarded with the ultimate thank-you, a player-sized Super Bowl ring.

The owner of the Saints is not the only class act in this story. Birrcher can be found at Saints home games, before kick-off in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Hall of Fame; giving a long line of fans the chance to try on his Super Bowl ring and take selfies with it.

The 14-karat yellow gold bauble weighs in at more than 2 ounces. It’s encrusted with diamonds around a fleur-de-lis, and engraved with team mottos and the score and date of the fateful Super Bowl, XLIV.

In the bustling Hall of Fame before a recent preseason game, fans snapped selfies with the trophy, the women holding it to their cheek, the men making a fist near their jaw.

Birrcher truly enjoys sharing the love.

“I was very fortunate to get a ring from Mr. Benson,” he said. “And it’s a nice thing to share the ring with everybody, because we feel it belongs to everybody.”

Birrcher is a current member of the board of directors of the Saints Hall of Fame, which he notes is an independent organization not connected to the NFL team. Despite being retired, he is booked up with obligations to the Kiwanis and Lions clubs. He’s especially proud of a project the Lions do every fall, screening kids free of charge for eye problems.

“After the season, it goes into the lockbox. I don’t wear it. It’s very heavy,” he said.

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