August 1, 2018

The Eagles Super Bowl ring has now joined every other Super Bowl ring on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Eagles 2017 Super Bowl ring at Hall of Fame

If you visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame, located in Akron Ohio, it’s a great place to see the Eagles new championship ring and every other Super Bowl ring in one location.

It’s also an opportunity for us, thanks to the tweeted photo above, to see how the Eagles 2017 Super Bowl ring compares in size to some of the other Super Bowl rings. Because the championship ring display goes left to right and then down a row when the row is filled, we can’t compare the size of the Eagles ring to some of the more recent ones.

However, you can see that the Eagles LII Super Bowl ring (hey NFL, enough with the Roman numerals already) is substantially larger than rings from around 2000, and the rings from the 2000 period are larger than ones from the early-to-mid 1980′s.

Here’s some interesting observations by me: The rate of championship ring growth has accelerated. The jump from the 1980s to 2000 is smaller than the jump from 2000 to 2018 in ring size growth.

And in a rush to get the Eagles Super Bowl ring on display, the Hall of Fame did not put the metal content (10k, vs. 14K) for the Eagles ring (or the Raiders ring either). The Hall used the wording “White Gold”. Just for the record, the Raiders Super Bowl XVIII ring was made of solid 14K gold, and the Eagles Super Bowl ring is made with 10K solid gold.

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