July 27, 2018

Two days ago I blogged about the very cool MLB 2017 All Star ring in a Paragon auction. Today let’s turn our attention to the other championship ring in the auction worth noting:

Buffalo Bills 1965 AFL Championship ring

Both the Buffalo Bills 1965 AFL championship ring (shown above) and the All Star ring (see the blog entry, dated July 25, 2018) should be good values for championship ring collectors. However, keep in mind when dealing with auctions, anything can happen; such as a “Tom Brady” family Super Bowl ring that was not player size, that sold for over $344,000 earlier this year at auction.

Paragon did a very good job describing this near mint, player size championship ring. However no mention or information was provided as to who “E.J. Hand” was. I’m pretty sure he was not a player on the team and probably worked in the team’s office as I could not find any information about this person on the internet.

This solid 10k gold ring (with a real diamond) is the same ring given to players and is in remarkable condition. The championship ring was made by John Roberts Jr., a company that crafted some championship rings and school rings decades ago. The company was possibly acquired by Balfour according to some research and internet speculation.

This championship ring, since it is not a player ring will probably sell in the $3,000 price range, but could go higher or lower depending upon bidding. In that price range, the championship ring is a very good value for a Bills fan, or championship ring collector.

I am not affiliated with the auction company or this championship ring, however, I have purchased championship rings and other items from Paragon and they are a solid, honest company.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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