July 25, 2018

Most Baseball All Star rings have boring designs, however this 2017 version really stands out:

2017 Baseball All Star rng

Paragon Auctions is offering two championship rings in their current auction that are worth checking out.

I’m not affiliated with Paragon auctions or these two championship rings, although I have purchased championship rings from Paragon in the past and have had great experiences with this auction company.

I’ll blog about both championship rings this week, as I believe they represent good values for championship ring collectors.

Whether you’re looking for one or two championship rings to further your collection, or wish to get started on acquiring your first championship ring, both items will sell for reasonable prices; not tens of thousands of dollars as a hotly desired, blinged out championship rings sometimes fetch.

These two authentic mid-level priced championship rings are a good solid value.

One reason the All Star championship ring (shown above) will not sell for a lot of money is that these rings (even the player issued rings that are identical) are made of non-gold and inexpensive imitation diamonds (just like the NCAA college championship rings).

That means that the selling price will probably be under $2,000.00 for this great looking ring. Perhaps way under $2,000. Keep in mind that this is an auction, so anything can happen when multiple bidders really want something, so don’t blame me if this ring sells above $2,000.00.

If it sells for what other all star championship rings have sold for in past auctions, then someone will get a very good looking championship ring for a terrific price.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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