July 9, 2018

Torrey Smith, a Former Eagles WR came up with a great way to help another team:

Torrey Smith super bowl rings

The former Eagles WR is raising money for the Conshohocken Electric Force Track club and wait to you hear the great idea he came up with to do this.

Smith is attempting to fund their trip to the AAU Junior Olympics at the end of the month in Des Moines, Iowa by letting fans take pictures with his Ravens and Eagles’ Super Bowl rings.

“I know how much the win meant to the people here. The Super Bowl ring means a lot to me as well, but it will also be sitting in my safe for the next year or few years, so I think it will be a great opportunity to take a picture with it and make money for the kids, ” said Smith.

Next Friday evening, Smith is doing the fundraiser at the Conshy Corner Tavern. For a $20 minimum, you can take a photograph with one or both championship rings. The proceeds will hopefully help these kids bring home some flashy bling of their own.

Great job Torrey, and hopefully other athletes will take notice and do similar fundraising events.

Here’s a link to the video story:

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