July 7, 2018

Recently Pawn Stars aired a segment where they were offered three 49er Super Bowl Rings for sale. The seller reached out to me and was kind enough to share what it’s like to appear on the show and negotiate a possible sale with Rick:

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This blog covered the story a week ago, and discussed the segment, which showed Rick being offered three player Super Bowl rings. Unfortunately for Rick, the seller turned out to be too knowledgeable and Rick did not get the opportunity to take advantage of this seller who had a keen sense of what the championship rings were worth in the market place.

Scott, the seller, was filmed for the TV show at the famous Las Vegas Gold and Silver Pawn shop, where he visited to see what he could get for his three Super Bowl rings.

Soon after I published a blog story on the video Scott contacted me. Turns out he’s a big fan of this championship ring blog and we had a long talk about championship ring collecting and shared some stories about our collections and acquisitions.

Scott shared his thoughts on appearing on the show and told me the following:

“Michael, I just wanted to recap my experience on pawn stars on the 49ers rings. First and foremost nothing on potential price was discussed in advance so whether a sale was going to happen was totally random. The only thing ‘scripted’ if you will was it was suggested when I come in store I should have the 3 rings on my fingers when the segment opened. Other than that it was not scripted. Also the staff does give Rick info on the item or items being sold while the segment is being shot. Concerning the low offer on the rings; what you expect from a pawn shop? You’re not going to be offered to top dollar at a pawn shop. Last, it was Rick’s expert not mine so I expected him to be low. Reasonable minds can always differ.

Also worth mentioning Rick was kind enough to take some photos with me and my wife and me and couldn’t have been nicer even though he wasn’t feeling totally well. He truly seemed like a very decent guy and I had a great experience on the show and would buy from him in the future.”

Thanks Scott, it’s amazing that you were on the show and thank you for sharing your experience with our audience of championship ring enthusiasts!

To catch up on the details and original blog of this story, please click here: http://sports-rings.com/wordpress1/2018/06/28/pawn-stars-showcases-three-49er-super-bowl-rings/

To watch the video of Scott and Rick trying to come to a deal for three super bowl rings, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU0WWnCoTMU

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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