June 28, 2018

A recent Pawn Stars segment, showed Rick being offered three player Super Bowl rings. Unfortunately for Rick, the seller turned out to be too knowledgeable and was not taken advantage of:

Pawn stars super bowl rings and championship rings

“Scott” was filmed for the TV show, at the famous Las Vegas Gold and Silver Pawn shop, where he supposedly was there to try to sell his three Super Bowl rings.

First off, this was not me, using a fake name, I would never sell any of my championship rings to Rick, or his pawn shop.

Second, the man named “Scott” on the segment is not the well-known West Coast championship ring dealer Scott Welkowsky.

Last, word on the street is that the Pawn Stars show sometimes uses scripts, and often tries to create compelling drama. Occasionally, the sellers really have no desire to actually sell their items, and sometimes when a deal appears lost on the segment, off camera it’s actually made. Or sometimes what you believe is sold to the Pawn Shop, may not actually be sold.

So keep in mind, the link to the video below is fascinating and is must-watch TV for championship ring enthusiasts, but it’s hard to know what exactly is real and accurate, and what is “made-for-TV”.

Last, I don’t know the memorabilia expert who Rick called in. Rick has had some other sports memorabilia collectors on the show in the past. The guy Rick used in this segment, rather quickly determined the Super Bowl rings were authentic. I know when I examine a Super Bowl ring, and I have a feeling I’ve examined a lot more Super Bowl rings than the guy Rick used, (who is affiliated with a smaller but well-known auction company).

I would venture to say, most “super” championship ring collectors have seen and examined more championship rings than Rick and his expert have, and we all would need more time to evaluate if the championship ring was authentic. Other issues that never came up in the segment, perhaps in the interest of moving the story along, was weighing the championship ring and seeing if the weights matched the original rings weight in grams, asking for proof of title, and checking the internet to see if the Super Bowl rings were ever reported as lost or stolen.

Rick’s expert said these championship rings would retail at $20,000.00 each. Really, that’s the retail price? It’s true, that some Super Bowl rings have sold as low as $20,000 recently, however the three on the Pawn Stars show were a little more on the rare side, more desirable, contained the original wood championship ring boxes, and each player played in the Super Bowl games (unlike many rings that hit the market of injured players, or non-starters, or practice squad players).

The producers of Pawn Stars did the segment quite well – it certainly was interesting. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU0WWnCoTMU

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