June 13, 2018

The Washington Redskins noted back in March, that they would award the 1987 replacement players that helped the team win the ’87 Super Bowl their very own championship ring. They made good on that promise this week:

washington Redskins replacement players super bowl rings

By going 3-0 during the strike, the replacement players provided the Redskins a chance for their second Super Bowl win. Following the strike-shortened 1987 season, the Redskins demolished the Denver Broncos 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII. The organization didn’t award the replacement players Super Bowl rings until now.

The reason for the omission is because almost all of those replacement players were cut after the strike ended. However by going 3-0 during the strike, they helped the team earn a spot in the playoffs. While the replacement players did receive a playoff purse, they didn’t get championship rings.

“The Scabs,” as they were nick-named got attention again from an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on them, “Year of the Scab.” The documentary told their story and the hardships they went through during and after the strike, and much of the film focused on them not getting Super Bowl rings.

After “Year of the Scab” was released in April 2017, many calls and social media postings were made to honor the Redskins replacement players who put the team in a position to make their historic Super Bowl title run.

In March, team owner Dan Snyder relented due to pressure, saying: “The 3-0 record of the Redskins replacement players was part of the remarkable success of the 1987 Washington Redskins. Their contributions are part of Redskins history and represent an integral reason why a Lombardi Trophy from the 1987 campaign resides in our facility today. Thanks in part to the generosity of our partners on this project, we are happy to honor these players for their role in that World Championship.”

Super Bowl XXII MVP Doug Williams helped to honor the team. Williams was a proponent of honoring the replacement players that started the season off for the Redskins, saying in the documentary that “it’s unfortunate that those guys didn’t share in the ring because they did put us in position to go forward.”

Now, after thirty years, the replacement players can finally share it.

A note to all those championship ring collectors and enthusiasts reading this blog: The original Super Bowl XXII rings were made by Tiffany and Company. The new Super Bowl rings appear to be made by Baron. It looks like Baron attempted to recreate the original style of the championship ring, but did clean up the sloppy and poorly diamond shaped Lombardi trophies on each side of the ring. So will the new Super Bowl rings be worth more money because they look nicer, or less money because they are not the original?

Only time will tell.

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