June 8, 2018

A growing trend for sports teams and the championship ring manufacturers they choose, continues with the Eagles. Their fans and championship ring enthusiasts will be allowed to order their own Eagles Super Bowl ring through Jostens:

Eagles super bowl fan rings from jostens

During the NFL’s meetings in Orlando in March, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said they were already working on the design of their championship rings after winning Super Bowl LII a month earlier.

Then in an April press release from Jostens, (the company awarded the contract to design and make the Eagles Super Bowl ring), Jostens COO Chris Poitras said they were busy working with the Eagles “to create a truly unique ring that honors the spirit of the city and tells the story of the team’s historic 2017 season.”

Soon, the world will get to see the design and actual Super Bowl ring. The Eagles’ players and coaches will be awarded their championship rings on Thursday night. That means it won’t be long until fans have the ability to purchase their own Super Bowl jewelry; which will include Jostens-made rings.

That April release from Jostens mentioned that the entire line of jewelry would be available online and in the Eagles’ pro shop immediately after the team ring ceremony.

Shortly, you will be able to visit Jostens website to see the offerings for yourself.

Keep in mind that typically, the most expensive championship ring available will be made of solid gold and real diamonds and often will be in a similar style as the ones players received. The fan version Super Bowl ring is always smaller than the player version but this is probably a good thing. That’s because the player version will be so large and heavy, it will be completely uncomfortable to wear.

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