May 16, 2018

No this is not “Manning Family Week” on It’s purely coincidental that I’m doing back-to-back blogs about Eli and his family:

manning family and their super bowl rings and tom brady not having 9 super bowl rings

Yesterday’s blog was about an out-of-court settlement, involving Eli Manning, the Giants, and someone bringing a lawsuit against them for monetary damages; and in a very unusual move, demanding a Giants Super Bowl 2007 ring as well.

Today’s blog has to do with a scary thought – and a fascinating tweet (shown above). Would Tom Brady really own nine winning Super Bowl rings, if the parents of Payton and Eli Manning never met?

More importantly, is Tom Brady plotting a way to go back in time (a la “Back to the Future”) to make sure Archie and Olivia don’t meet? And if Brady somehow finds a way to do this, is it considered cheating?

No matter what you believe about Brady getting to nine Super Bowl rings if Payton and Eli were never born, the photo above is a great picture, taken way before Payton and Eli entered the NFL.

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