May 14, 2018

Recently I was contacted by a know-it-all who informed me I must have been exposed to plenty of fake Packer rings:

championship ring expert

Believe me, I wasn’t and quickly realized I needed to tell this misinformed person to never contact me again.

There’s a lesson to be learned here (and a funny story too). The lesson is that in the world of championship ring collecting (and sports memorabilia collecting too) you will sometimes meet “an expert” who will proclaim bad information as fact. The more you try to tell them they are not correct, the more they dig in and stand their ground.

When this happens, it’s best to walk away. Or if you believe what they say may have some credibility, do careful research before purchasing their offerings.

That’s the lesson, here’s the funny story behind it (and perhaps another lessen if you are approached by this person, or see their item for sale).

I was offered a Green Bay 2010 Super Bowl ring. It was a woman’s front office ring and I was lectured that the Packer’s only offered player size rings to the staff that year, so it had to be the player size version.

Having collected Super Bowl rings for over two decades, and knowing a few people in the Packer organization, I knew this statement was 100% false. Perhaps the seller did not know they were misinformed, but they refused to believe me that their statement was not accurate.

Their reaction to my reply that front office Super Bowl ring versions were often smaller in the Packers case that season, was counted with “you must have seen fake Super Bowl rings”.

I quickly realized this conversation was going to go nowhere, so I politely told the person not to contact me ever again.

A few years ago, there was a gorgeous Packer ring (female version, front office ring) for sale in Green Bay that received a lot of attention. The Super Bowl XLV ring was 100% authentic and the interest from me and many others quickly died when it was discovered that the offering was smaller than the player’s version.

Additionally, someone I know is on the Packer’s Board of Directors and he showed me his Super Bowl XLV ring. It was a beautiful Super Bowl ring, but was smaller than the player version.

I own a player version and it’s the heaviest Super Bowl ring of all time, packing a weight of around 110 grams. Yes the latest Patriots rings are larger, but they are made of 10K solid gold while the Packer rings are made of heavier-platinum.

All of these Super Bowl rings are quite huge and heavy and completely uncomfortable to wear, so I am not surprised that one or more of the board members went with a smaller version of the ring. Can you imagine if this seller walked up to the board member and told them they had a fake Packer Super Bowl ring? Yikes!

Remember, don’t just take the word of a seller; do your research.

Please remember a always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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