May 11, 2018

There will be something for everyone in this huge auction. Here’s something quite unusual about the event that caught my eye:

Dallas Cowboys 1971 Super Bowl Vi ring

May 17th – May 18th, Heritage Auctions has a large sports memorabilia auction and it’s packed with all different types of championship rings.

Not only do they have tons of baseball World Series rings, they also have Super Bowl rings, and basketball and hockey rings too.

Please note I am not affiliated with Heritage auctions and none of the championship rings in their event are mine. Last, I have no idea who the consigners of these championship rings are.

While I hope to cover some of the higher-end championship rings in the coming week, the two player Cowboy 1971 Super Bowl rings shown above, caught my eye.

The first thing that I noticed about these two Super Bowl rings is that it’s unusual for an auction house to take on the same sports memorabilia item when each is considered rare and in the same condition.

For instance, a well-known Baseball auction house will not take on the famous Mantle Topps rookie card in the same graded condition in the same auction. Because of the huge price swings for this card in various graded conditions, they will take the iconic Mantle rookie card as long as each is in a different grade.

Yet Heritage choose to offer two player Super Bowl VI rings in the same auction. I hope each consigner was given advanced notice of this matter.

Now onto some interesting observations about these two Super Bowl rings.

First off, both championship rings look original and authentic so no issues there. However, one of the Super Bowl rings was probably made with a slight error. You can see that each ring has the player’s name on opposite sides of the ring (one last name is on the left, the other the right). Incidentally, all previous versions I have seen of this Super Bowl ring, contain the name on the left side. A name on the right side should not change the value of the championship ring at all.

The next thing I notice is that one of the championship rings has a beaded gold-metal outline surrounding the blue star, and the other has a flat piece of gold metal. These Super Bowl rings were made by Balfour in 14-K gold. 14K solid gold is softer than 10K gold and wears down faster, so perhaps the other Super Bowl ring is more worn down. Or perhaps, like many pieces of jewelry, Balfour had to make a repair to one of the rings. Again, these issues will not affect the price or value of the championship rings.

Last, my championship ring from the same year, has a beaded gold circle surrounding the diamond and these two Super Bowl have a flatter gold circle. Again, just minor differences on Super Bowl rings that are almost fifty years old.

And don’t worry if one of the blue stars look bigger or darker. That’s just the angle and lighting of each picture making these ring tops look different.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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