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UCF Shows-Off Controversial Football National Championship Rings

April 23, 2018

University of Central Florida celebrated their 2017 undefeated season by awarding players, coaches, and staff with national championship rings during spring game festivities on Saturday:

UCF 2018 National Championship rings
(Courtesy of UCF Athletics)

The Knights posted a brilliant 13-0 record in 2017, winning the American Athletic Conference championship and beating Auburn in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. The Tigers special season included defeating power-house Alabama and the Knights were the only undefeated team in the nation last season, prompting UCF athletics director Danny White to declare the school national champions, despite Alabama winning the 2018 College Football Playoff National championship.

The Colley-Matrix, which is one of more than 40 college football polls, recognized by the NCAA in its list of national champion major selections, picked UCF as national champions in January which strengthents the Knights’ claim.

The championships rings and the unveiling of new national championship signs around Spectrum Stadium Saturday were the latest part of White’s effort to celebrate the Knights’ success and highlight the difficulty a non-Power 5 team faces earning a spot in the College Football Playoff 4-team playoff system.

As is customary with collegiate athletics, these gorgeous championship rings are not made with real gold or authentic diamonds.

As soon as the championship ring pictures were posted on the official UCF football Twitter account, the expected backlash of negative comments showed up.

Alabama fans seem especially annoyed by the Knights’ claim, which also has been criticized by national college football analysts Paul Finebaum and Kirk Herbstreit. Perhaps Clemson Tiger fans are too busy still celebrating their 2017 Football championship title to even notice.

Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi is among those who have defended the Knights’ and wrote a great retort for those critical of the Knights new championship rings: “The biggest injustice in modern-day sports is that just because a university like UCF wasn’t around 100 years ago when the Power 5 conferences were formed, the 2017 Knights are essentially forbidden from competing for a national title a century later.”

While returning UCF players say they are focused on preparing for the 2018 football season and have moved on from the undefeated campaign, some former players are enjoying the extended victory lap and their new “National Championship” rings.

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Philadelphia is a Town With Championship Rings and Plenty of Soul

April 20, 2018

Check out the Philadelphia Soul’s championship ring, from last year:

Philadelphia Soul 2017 championship rings

Someone in the championship ring community recently commented on the Soul’s Arena Football League’s (AFL) championship ring, awarded 12 months ago. They mentioned how nice it looks and I have to agree. This of course was after my first reaction which was “they still play AFL games?”

Apparently they do, and the Soul will soon be adding to their championship ring collection, now winning another championship. That means that the team will receive back-to-back AFL championship rings.

The AFL is in trouble again, with the Tampa franchise recently suspending operations, this leaves the league down to just four teams (ouch).

Philly is on quite a roll over the last twelve months – The Eagles shocked the world and beat the New England Patriots and will be awarded Super Bowl rings soon. And of course, Villanova recently winning the NCAA men’s basketball championship, and the Soul with back-to-back AFL titles.

The much-improved 76ers are doing quite nicely as they take a two games to one lead over the Heat in round 1 of the NBA playoffs. Could they be the next Philly team to bring home a championship ring?

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Yogi Berra World Series Ring Offered in Gold Auctions Event

April 18, 2018

How often do championship ring collectors get a chance to own a World Series ring that belonged to one of the greatest Yankee legends of all time? Here’s your chance:

Goldin auctions 1956 Yogi Berra world series ring

Looks like this championship ring blog will be celebrating “Yankee’s Legends Week”. A few days ago I blogged about a Mickey Mantle career championship ring, and over the next few days I want to highlight two amazing championship rings that originally were presented to Yogi Berra and Joe DiMaggio (or their respective families or estates).

Let’s look at the Yogi Berra 1956 World Series ring, currently being auctioned by Goldin Auctions.

I often say, buy a championship ring, but not the “story” that comes with it. What I mean by that is many sellers have stories that are either a little off, or sound made-up, or are completely and verifiably (with a little research), 100% ridiculous. My favorite is “this player lost is championship ring in a poker game”.

Well there’s a story with this championship ring, however, the story behind the ring is true and perhaps adds value to the championship ring.

And kudos to Ken Goldin and his team for accurately putting in the auction listing that this championship ring was given to Yogi Berra after his playing days and is not his original 1956 World Series ring (which was stolen).

If you are going to bid on this World Series ring, keep in mind the original ’56 championship ring was minted in 14K solid gold, while this Balfour version was crafted in 10K solid gold (not a big deal), but I am pointing it out.

Here is the description from the Goldin Auctions listing:

“Offered here is a 10K gold 1956 New York Yankees World Series Championship ring that was presented to Berra by The Yankees after his playing days. A round diamond centers the face and is set inside a baseball field design. The ring is manufactured by Balfour with clear factory stampings. “NEW YORK YANKEES WORLD CHAMPIONS” proudly appears around the perimeter in raised lettering. The Yankees famed team logo and the year 1956 are displayed on each shank. Inside the band (marked 10K) shows wear, a testament that this ring was proudly worn. This item weighs approximately 26.3 grams and is an approximate size 11. A Yogi Berra World Series ring is a true rarity and desired collectible, as all his World Series rings were famously stolen and this was the loan ring that was found and returned to Berra. Included with the ring is a Letter of authenticity from the Berra family.”

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A Career Championship Ring Done The Right Way

April 16, 2018

There have been very few authentic career championship rings offered to the public over the years (but plenty of fakes made in China). Here’s an authentic ring that has become a collector’s item:

mickey mantle career championship ring

Scanning eBay for championship rings today, I came across this Mickey Mantle career championship ring. It reminded me how few authentic career rings have been issued the right way. What I mean by the right way is that this great-looking championship ring was not made in China. It was designed and crafted by Balfour – who has made every Yankee championship ring for the last fifty years.

Balfour even went so far as to get permission from the Yankees and the Mantle family and then produced this championship ring in limited quantities. If you want to purchase this championship ring, they do pop up occasionally in auction houses and on eBay. If you’re searching for one, I recommend you acquire this ring with the appropriate wood presentation box, otherwise the box alone will be more challenging to find than the ring. (The eBay offering does come with the box).

The solid yellow gold 10K ring contains 6 real diamonds, although I’m shocked Balfour did not design the championship ring with seven diamonds – Mantle’s iconic uniform number. Originally the Mantle career ring was to be produced in a quantity of 536 pieces, matching Mantle’s total home run tally. Possibly due to financial reasons, or perhaps lack of initial interest, the story goes that only 350 were minted.

Although it has been stated that 350 pieces were made, I believe a lot less were produced because every single ring contained a unique serial number and I have never seen a number higher than 153 (the eBay offering is #138).

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Mickey Mantle career championship ring

As you can see in the photo above, the championship ring contains a prominent diamond-pattern “7″ on the top, along with his name and first and last seasons playing for the Yankees. One side, has his most impressive accomplishments and the other, pays homage to Yankee stadium, a facsimile of his autograph, and the date he retired.

The championship ring was issued in a small wooden box with another facsimile autograph. The small wooden presentation box is the same style and size as the Yankees 1996 World Series ring presentation box. This is a strong clue that the Mantle career championship ring was produced around this time period.

With less than 200 of these rings in existence, they come up for auction occasionally and sell in the $3,000 price range.

I would advise against wearing this gorgeous ring – the stats on the baseball bats would wear down fairly quickly, since they protrude the ring and will get rubbed by other fingers from the hand.

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Astros Limited Edition Championship Rings Sells Out Quickly

April 13, 2018

If Astros fans or championship ring enthusiasts missed out on ordering a limited Edition 2017 World Series ring, don’t fret – there’s other ways to acquire an Astros championship ring:

Astros fan world series rings

According to a press release from the Astros, it only took seven days for all 111 of the 112 Limited Edition Astros World Series fan rings to sell out.

The last championship ring in the limited edition run is being raffled and all proceeds will benefit the Astros Foundation.

If you must own this championship ring, just like the Cubs rings from the year before, they will be available (for more money on eBay). If you have patience, the prices will come down when sellers realize, people aren’t lining up to grab the highly inflated-priced championship ring offerings.

Another way to obtain an Astros championship ring is to wait for the Astros and Jostens to mint more. Turns out they will now design and make an exclusive “Elite Fan Ring”. While the $11,000 version that just sold out was supposed to be a little smaller than the player World Series ring version (I am not sure what a little smaller exactly means), the new Elite Fan championship ring will be even smaller and cost only $4,899. The upcoming version will probably differ significantly from the player version and only be available in 10K white or yellow gold.

Those on a budget should wait, because like the $11,000 limited edition championship ring, these Elite rings will hit ebay too and in time sell for a lot less than the retail prices.

If you wish to partake in the raffle for the last $11,000 championship ring, here is the link:

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