April 30, 2018

The longer I study Championship Rings, and the prices these items bring, the more I realize it’s impossible to pinpoint with accuracy what an item will ultimately sell for in the open market.

Ravens Salesman Sample Super Bowl XXXV ring

Back in November of 2017, I blogged about this rare Ravens Super Bowl ring. Football salesman sample rings, from Superbowls since the 2000 period and more recent, are beyond rare. Jostens and Tiffany simply don’t make too many of them, and in Jostens case, they don’t seem to give them out to their sales-reps.

Many of the ones you see for sale and are proclaimed as authentic salesman sample rings aren’t real. However in this instance, the Ravens Superbowl XXXV ring is a real ring and the price being asked, while much higher than some of those authentic salesman samples from much earlier Super Bowls, is completely justified due to it’s rarity.

Back in the day when that controversial championship ring dealer from Tennessee (by the way his website has disappeared due to non payment issues) would get a late-model Super Bowl salesman sample ring, he would ask around $10,000 or more for it.

So it surprises me that this Ravens salesman sample Super Bowl ring is still for sale. As the photo above shows, the asking price was $5,700.00 with a best offer being accepted, but now is still on eBay with an asking price lowered to $5,400.00 and a best offer option still available.

Anyone wanting a great-looking championship ring at a very fair price, especially Raven’s fans, should bite on this one.

As an added bonus, there are currently two Raven’s authentic championship rings boxes available on eBay which would complement your championship ring purchase quite nicely.

Please note I am not affiliated with the Ravens championship ring or the two championship ring boxes mentioned above.

I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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