April 27, 2018

UCF fans are upset with their former Offensive Coordinator for not buying into Knights’ National Champion theory:

2017 UCF National Championship ring

Newly hired Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters, spent his last two seasons as the Offensive Coordinator at UCF, where he helped coach the turnaround that led to UCF going undefeated last season. Because of a couple of tweets this week, he’s managed to upset some UCF fans.

Walters wrote that UCF’s claimed “National Championship” isn’t really an authentic national championship. He accomplished this message by tweeting the photo of the championship ring he received from UCF, which Walters referred to as his “AAC and Peach Bowl championship ring.” Here’s part of that tweet:

“Personally and professionally speaking, I am a national champion when I win the National Championship game,” Walters responded to one fan. “I wish we could have had this opportunity because we were playing at a high level. If someone else wants to proclaim and pay me as a national champion, then that’s on them.”

Walters later released another tweet explaining that he didn’t intend to disrespect anyone at UCF with his original tweet.

Maybe UCF’s “National Championship” ring wasn’t such a good idea after all.

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