April 20, 2018

Check out the Philadelphia Soul’s championship ring, from last year:

Philadelphia Soul 2017 championship rings

Someone in the championship ring community recently commented on the Soul’s Arena Football League’s (AFL) championship ring, awarded 12 months ago. They mentioned how nice it looks and I have to agree. This of course was after my first reaction which was “they still play AFL games?”

Apparently they do, and the Soul will soon be adding to their championship ring collection, now winning another championship. That means that the team will receive back-to-back AFL championship rings.

The AFL is in trouble again, with the Tampa franchise recently suspending operations, this leaves the league down to just four teams (ouch).

Philly is on quite a roll over the last twelve months – The Eagles shocked the world and beat the New England Patriots and will be awarded Super Bowl rings soon. And of course, Villanova recently winning the NCAA men’s basketball championship, and the Soul with back-to-back AFL titles.

The much-improved 76ers are doing quite nicely as they take a two games to one lead over the Heat in round 1 of the NBA playoffs. Could they be the next Philly team to bring home a championship ring?

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