April 18, 2018

How often do championship ring collectors get a chance to own a World Series ring that belonged to one of the greatest Yankee legends of all time? Here’s your chance:

Goldin auctions 1956 Yogi Berra world series ring

Looks like this championship ring blog will be celebrating “Yankee’s Legends Week”. A few days ago I blogged about a Mickey Mantle career championship ring, and over the next few days I want to highlight two amazing championship rings that originally were presented to Yogi Berra and Joe DiMaggio (or their respective families or estates).

Let’s look at the Yogi Berra 1956 World Series ring, currently being auctioned by Goldin Auctions.

I often say, buy a championship ring, but not the “story” that comes with it. What I mean by that is many sellers have stories that are either a little off, or sound made-up, or are completely and verifiably (with a little research), 100% ridiculous. My favorite is “this player lost is championship ring in a poker game”.

Well there’s a story with this championship ring, however, the story behind the ring is true and perhaps adds value to the championship ring.

And kudos to Ken Goldin and his team for accurately putting in the auction listing that this championship ring was given to Yogi Berra after his playing days and is not his original 1956 World Series ring (which was stolen).

If you are going to bid on this World Series ring, keep in mind the original ’56 championship ring was minted in 14K solid gold, while this Balfour version was crafted in 10K solid gold (not a big deal), but I am pointing it out.

Here is the description from the Goldin Auctions listing:

“Offered here is a 10K gold 1956 New York Yankees World Series Championship ring that was presented to Berra by The Yankees after his playing days. A round diamond centers the face and is set inside a baseball field design. The ring is manufactured by Balfour with clear factory stampings. “NEW YORK YANKEES WORLD CHAMPIONS” proudly appears around the perimeter in raised lettering. The Yankees famed team logo and the year 1956 are displayed on each shank. Inside the band (marked 10K) shows wear, a testament that this ring was proudly worn. This item weighs approximately 26.3 grams and is an approximate size 11. A Yogi Berra World Series ring is a true rarity and desired collectible, as all his World Series rings were famously stolen and this was the loan ring that was found and returned to Berra. Included with the ring is a Letter of authenticity from the Berra family.”

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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