April 16, 2018

There have been very few authentic career championship rings offered to the public over the years (but plenty of fakes made in China). Here’s an authentic ring that has become a collector’s item:

mickey mantle career championship ring

Scanning eBay for championship rings today, I came across this Mickey Mantle career championship ring. It reminded me how few authentic career rings have been issued the right way. What I mean by the right way is that this great-looking championship ring was not made in China. It was designed and crafted by Balfour – who has made every Yankee championship ring for the last fifty years.

Balfour even went so far as to get permission from the Yankees and the Mantle family and then produced this championship ring in limited quantities. If you want to purchase this championship ring, they do pop up occasionally in auction houses and on eBay. If you’re searching for one, I recommend you acquire this ring with the appropriate wood presentation box, otherwise the box alone will be more challenging to find than the ring. (The eBay offering does come with the box).

The solid yellow gold 10K ring contains 6 real diamonds, although I’m shocked Balfour did not design the championship ring with seven diamonds – Mantle’s iconic uniform number. Originally the Mantle career ring was to be produced in a quantity of 536 pieces, matching Mantle’s total home run tally. Possibly due to financial reasons, or perhaps lack of initial interest, the story goes that only 350 were minted.

Although it has been stated that 350 pieces were made, I believe a lot less were produced because every single ring contained a unique serial number and I have never seen a number higher than 153 (the eBay offering is #138).

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Mickey Mantle career championship ring

As you can see in the photo above, the championship ring contains a prominent diamond-pattern “7″ on the top, along with his name and first and last seasons playing for the Yankees. One side, has his most impressive accomplishments and the other, pays homage to Yankee stadium, a facsimile of his autograph, and the date he retired.

The championship ring was issued in a small wooden box with another facsimile autograph. The small wooden presentation box is the same style and size as the Yankees 1996 World Series ring presentation box. This is a strong clue that the Mantle career championship ring was produced around this time period.

With less than 200 of these rings in existence, they come up for auction occasionally and sell in the $3,000 price range.

I would advise against wearing this gorgeous ring – the stats on the baseball bats would wear down fairly quickly, since they protrude the ring and will get rubbed by other fingers from the hand.

Please remember as always I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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