April 11, 2018

The buy-it-now price jumped out. Was this a really good deal or another eBay awfully-priced championship ring?

cowboy bogus 1977 Super Bowl ring

As soon as I saw the listing I pulled up the item’s details. At an asking price of $14,999,99 and the ability to make a lower offer, this would be a great deal if the Super Bowl ring turned out to be a player’s ring.

At the same time, if the item was a salesman sample then it was priced about five-times the going rate for such items and another silly-priced eBay offering.

Upon looking at the championship ring’s description it tuned out to be an enigma. And the listing seemed to be neither a salesman sample or a player ring. The description said it was upgraded to quality cz’s (worthless imitation diamonds). When sellers use words like these, typically there’s trouble as there are no special or upgraded cz’s that I’ve ever seen.

Next, the description clamed the championship ring was made for a player in 1994 and somehow the year “1994″ wound up on the side of the Super Bowl ring. The original Super Bowl ring from 1977 certainly didn’t feature anything about 1994. And 1994 was not a year in which the Cowboys won a championship.

Then on the inside, the seller shows a beautifully crafted Jostens 10K engraving, but the style is different from any other Jostens engraving I’ve ever seen (another potential warning sign).

Last, the top of the Super Bowl ring looks good, until you carefully compare the lettering in “Dallas” and “Cowboys” to an authentic ring. Then it becomes obvious, the lettering is slightly different. This offering’s letters are thinner and the holes in the “B” in “COWBOYS” are way too large.

So the championship ring does not appear to be authentic, and therefore an awful deal.


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