March 26, 2018

The championship ring selection was slim pickings, but there were a couple that caught my eye, including this beauty:

Giants 2011 Super Bowl ring for sale

Every time a huge sports memorabilia auction catalog arrives, I rush to open it and see what championship rings are included in the event.

Most times, there’s some great championship rings, but in this Lelands catalog, there was not too much to get excited about this time.

Two Super Bowl rings that caught my eye (but unfortunately for me, I already own) were two Giant Super Bowl rings. One was a 1990 Super Bowl XXV ring awarded to retired football great Rosey Brown, and the other was a 2011 Giants player ring (shown above).

The Brown ring had an opening bid of $20,000 which was a little high and because of that, it did not receive a single bid and did not sell. Had someone done an initial bid, they could have won the ring for $24,000 (because of the 20% buyer’s fee). $24,000 for a non-player ring (although belonging to a great Giant) is a little high but not too much. I’m surprised this championship ring did not garner a single bid. One thing I liked about this ring was that it came with the original championship ring box.

The other Giant ring, from 2011 was a Super Bowl ring I had some interest in. I was contemplating putting a bid on the Super Bowl ring towards the end of the auction but the ring did not have the wood presentation box. Leland’s description was a little unclear – stating the championship ring came with the proper Tiffany box. Upon speaking with a Lelands employee, I learned that it came with the green cardboard Tiffany box, but not the wood presentation box.

Once a championship ring no longer comes with it’s proper presentation box, replacing it could be almost impossible. That drives hard-core championship ring collectors nuts and can devalue a championship ring in the market place.

Once that Super Bowl ring climbed past $34,000 I was out of the running. I already have a player ring with the wood presentation box, so at the price it closed for – $40,364 with the buyer’s premium, it was no longer close to being a good deal for me.

Only two other championship rings in this auction sold for more than $10,000 – a 2011 St. Louis Cardinals ring for $11,692.00 and a Red Sox 2004 Red Sox World Series ring (size 6.5, which is a huge issue) for $14,494.00

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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