March 23, 2018

Brad, a long-time and loyal reader of this Championship Ring Blog, recently emailed me with some interesting news:

NFL, and counterfeit championship rings

Here is Brad’s email:

“Hey Mike, i just wanted to send you a quick message about something i have seen happening recently.

I know that you have long asked the question why the NFL doesn’t step in to combat the shoddy Chinese replica rings. It looks like the NFL may actually be doing that, on the website “” which is a popular Chinese market previously the site used to be flooded with cheap knock off super bowl rings, but if you currently try and search for “super bowl ring” on the site it only pops up with fan rings and shirts. the rings do still exist on the site if you search for “championship ring” sadly. I have noticed a similar thing happen on eBay, if you try and search for “Super bowl ring replica” the only things which pop up are 1 person trying to sell an old Washington redskins ring and 1 person selling an oversized paperweight.

It would appear that the NFL is trying to crack down on these Chinese replicas now.

Just thought i would let you know.


Brad, thanks for letting me and the readers know, and thank you for reading the blog and for your contributions.

If this crap is off eBay, that’s a strong indicator that the NFL means business. Although I love football, like many fans, the NFL policies and dare I say, greed of some of those involved in the NFL drive me crazy. The image above with the dollar signs is not meant to take a swipe at the NFL greed, but more to illustrate that with championship rings, there is money being lost and misdirected by those making replica and counterfeit championship rings.

Please remember as always, I buy real championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in complete privacy, please contact me.

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