March 7, 2018

Thanks to public pressure and the ESPN Documentary on the subject, the replacement players for the 1987 Washington Redskins will finally receive Super Bowl rings.

Washington Redskins scabs and replacement players 1987 Barons Super Bowl rings

It’s been a little more than 30 years after they propelled the Redskins to a 3-0 record during the regular season while the team’s “real” players were on strike.

Most of the replacement players, A.K.A. scabs – were quickly cut after the strike ended, while a select few were kept on the roster. Those not on the roster were never awarded Super Bowl rings after the skins demolished the Broncos 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII.

On Tuesday, Tony Robinson and fellow replacement player Anthony Sagnella were at the Virginia General Assembly where a resolution was passed to honor the Washington replacement players for their contributions during the 1987 season.

The ESPN documentary laid out the case that without the replacement player’s help, it was likely the Redskins would not win a Super Bowl later that year, since the 3-0 start helped the team earn home field advantage through the playoffs.

After the resolution, at a reception in Richmond, Redskins team president Bruce Allen announced that the replacement players would receive Super Bowl rings later this year.

If you have not watched the ESPN documentary, I strongly suggest you do, it was quite moving.

You can see the new Super Bowl rings in the photo above. For reasons unknown, the Redskins are having Barons, a small championship ring company, make the new Super Bowl rings. Tiffany had made the original Super Bowl rings (shown below).

Washington Redskins scabs and replacement players 1987 Barons Super Bowl rings

Barons is best known for making the Cavaliers last championship ring and it looks to me, that they will drastically improve the top of the Redskins Super Bowl ring. When Tiffany produced the original Super Bowl ring, the two Lombardi trophies were made with small diamonds and was not well-defined. The two trophies looked clumsy to me.

Compare the two versions and you will see the new Super Bowl rings will look nicer.

Congratulations to the replacement players for finally getting what they deserved – their very own Super Bowl rings.

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